The Roll'n 1's and 2's


Good thing the scouts taught us how to start fires!

We entreated ourselves to a very well deserved warrior’s respite. The few of us who weren’t as battle scared <avanta> as the rest reveled in their heroes’ bounty, while others <kerric> knitted themselves back together in deep slumber. Erich spent much time with Daria’s family reliving simple times long past, graciously accepting the gratitude of the family that took him in when no one else did.

A week passes and the adventurers have gathered at the Inn to discuss their next sortie. It was decided that they would replenish supplies and head back to Fallcrest to receive their reward for all of the Kobolds they’ve exterminated at the behest of Lord Markelhay.

After saying our goodbyes, we headed south towards Fallcrest. The day’s journey was uneventful. It truly was a pleasant walk. We were all in such great spirits that we even entreated our Bard to entertain us with a whimsical tune of his choosing. We laugh.

We decided to set up camp at the end of the day. Erich is visibly concerned as he reports of “alarming tracks” along our path. We look closely and see the certain areas have been traversed upon.

“I feared it would not last long,” quipped Kerric.

We set up our watch order: Noname, Peleous, Kerric, Avanta, and Erich. Nothing happens for the first few hours. And then, Avanta took the watch.

Apparently, our week’s respite must have dulled our gnome’s senses. True, drawing pictures in the dirt can occupy even the most bored minds, but despite his low light vision, he misses the castle-sized Troll. <rolls>. The Troll doesn’t waste a moment as he rakes his claws across Avanta’s back. Avanta’s instinctive ability to fade saved him from being further devoured. His impish cry, however, is enough to alert our party to the present danger.

Our respite from adventure was short lived. Kerric was the first to arise from slumber. Two arrows flew from the bow and sailed wide of the Troll. Noname grabbed his axe and charged the Troll. His swing cleaves air only. Not to be outdone by the creature, Noname swings again, only to slice into darkness <burn>. Avanta, now recovering from his surprise, utters something about the Troll’s hygiene. His mockery falls upon deaf ears. Peleous casts a Shared Agony spell, but the only agony that is shared is the failure to hit lumbering creature who is as big as a barn. “No way,” claims Erich seeing as how a week’s respite dulled our collective fighting edge. He gets up and casually walks into the fray.

The Troll turns its attention to Noname, and it rakes the fighters back, drawing more blood for its voracious appetite. Kerric mates another two arrows to the shaft of his bow and lets them fly. One of them finds its mark in the beast’s hide doing only minimal damage. Kerric maneuvers into a better position, and unleashes another volley. This arrow misses the thrashing monster. Kerric nocks yet another arrow looses it upon the Troll. This arrow too cannot find its mark. <twin>. Noname finally engages the Troll and connects with a reaping strike. Avanta, still wincing from the claw marks upon his backside, cannot wield his blade with his signature mockery. Peleous spits venom upon the Troll, and the sizzling loogi falls short. Angered, the warlock deftly wiggles his fingers and casts a Contagion spell upon the Troll. The spell erupts in a magnificent brilliance as its Eldritch energy consumes the monster. <burn>. The beast howls in pain as the initial brunt of the spell singes its hairs. The beast then begins to feel the contagion seep into its pores. Erich, now assuming the form of the menacing badger, pounces upon the Troll, but is thrown off.
The angered Troll attacks Noname with its claws, ripping into the fighter’s flesh. The Troll attempts to shift away, but Noname’s counter into the Trolls flank stops the creature. Noname then follows with a Reaping strike to take another chunk from the Troll. In addition to Noname’s slice, the creature reels from Erich’s contagion continuing to seep into its blood. Kerric nimbly maneuvers around the field and buries another arrow into the creature’s flesh. Try as he might, Avanta still cannot evoke any soul piercing quips. He is consigned to pitiful knock-knock jokes. Overconfident Peleous grossly misses with his next cast <fumbles>. He attempts another summoning, but it too fizzles. The rabid badger successfully pounces and rends a mouthful of the monster’s backflesh.

The contagion finally courses through the Troll’s body and consumes the beast from within. Knowing the history of trolls, we remember that they will regenerate and resurrect. Because of Erich’s connection to the natural world, he divines that fire or acid will truly kill the Troll. Kerric immediately scours the ground for combustible material. Noname keeps the beast at bay by continuing to stab at it, keeping the monster from regenerating. Avanta cries out, “Peleous, use your new wand <wand>. The still unconscious Troll bursts as the flames consume its monstrous flesh.

XP: 200 (40/ea)

“Dudes, these guys travel in packs. And, this one didn’t really put up a fight. Its almost daybreak…I bet he was heading home,” explained Erich. Kerric pokes around and finds older tracks. Noname, upset about loosing his edge, beheads the Troll and impales it upon a pike. “Feel better now?” asked Kerric. “Good. Now help me move this boulder.”

Moving the boulder allowed the morning light to fill the cave. We are surprised to see two bound captives on the floor. “Thank the gods! We thought we were done for. Hurry and untie us.”

“Looks like they’re being fattened for the feast,” muses Peleous, as he pulls out the pitons holding them fast. “How did you end up here?”

My name is Leadren Glum, whispers the still frightened captive. We were travelling by coach when we were ambushed. The trolls took our freight.

“Treasure?” Noname’s eyes suddenly brighten. “How much?”

“Not enough to make rich men out of the lot of you. But, if you help recover what we lost, we can guarantee you at least 1/3 or the treasure. That is nearly all of our profit. Just please help us to get our cargo back to our boss…we are dead men anyway if we fail.”

Kerric and Noname work in quiet concert to move the boulder opposite the entrance. Fortunately, not a sound is made. Kerric stealthily moves in. He reports back to us that he sees two trolls.


Alas, our namesake rings true as Kerric missteps onto a dry twig <fumbles>. The first troll (T1) charges Kerric and rakes his claws across the elf’s tunic, drawing first blood. T2 follows right behind his brother, and catches Kerric with a claw to the shanks. Kerric nimbly dances around the combatants, feigning right and left. T1 sadly commits to a step, lured by Kerric feigns, and Kerric capitalizes upon the opportunity. He impales T1 upon his longsword <crit>. T1 chortles as Kerric quickly draws his sword from its neck. T1 falls lifeless at the elf’s feet. Peleous and Noname immediately take position to press the advantage against T2. Noname attempts to cleave into the monster, but T2 sidesteps the fighter’s blow. At this time, a third troll appears from around the bend. Erich sees the monster and casts a Grasping Tide spell to slow the beast. T3 is overcome by the deluge and is drowned. T2 again evades death’s grip as it jumps out of the way. Avanta attempts to move to more advantageous ground around T2. The monster sees the little gnome moving and claws at Avanta. The gnome winces at his torn flesh. Avanta attempts to retaliate, but his boo-boo stings a wee bit too much.

As we feared, T1 resurrects and now engages Avanta. Avanta takes another claw…this time to his shoulder. Noname also gets raked. Having no way to permanently dispatch our quarry, we fall back. Kerric and Peleous ready themselves, bow drawn and spell woven, and ready to shoot the first monster that appears, as they cover our retreat. Noname swings his mighty axe, and his blow cleaves both into T2 and T3. Their innards spill onto the floor, as both trolls fall dead. Noname understands the futility of the fray and runs out. Erich casts a chill wind spell at T3, and the troll freezes. Avanta sees the opening and runs for the exit.

No matter how many times we lay in witness, we will still be unnerved by resurrecting trolls. All three rise and rush our party. Kerric, having readied and action unleashes a barrage of arrows. T2 takes a shaft in the eye, and falls dead again. The second arrow misses T3. Kerric shoots another, but this too misses <elven>. Noname, Peleous, Erich and Avanta run out into the daylight. With bated breath they wait to see if Kerric was able to make it. Seconds later, the elf bursts through.

Knowing that fire is our only true weapon against the Trolls, we use our flint-n-steel packs to start a fire in the pit outside. With renewed vigor and confidence, we go back in.

This time, the Trolls get the drop on us. T1 and T2 club Noname, nearly knocking him unconscious. T3 fails its surprise against Peleous <fumbles>. We each counter in turn, but, despite our best laid plans, we each miss our intended targets. Only Avanta does anything of any use as the magic of his Majestic Word knits Noname’s wounds together.

The troll press their advantage upon Noname and inflict more severe damage than their previous melee. T2 scores a critical hit upon the fighter, stunning him. Kerric uses his torch to ignite a palette of rags nearby, and carefully begins to sighting the monsters. Unfortunately, the tight quarters offers him no clear shot. Avanta, however, unleashes his “Song of a New Dawn” against T1. [The gnome should have really taken a closer look at the weather, because the forecast was for clouds.] Avanta loses his spell and he too is stunned <fumbled>. Only Erich, in badger form is able to do any harm to the trolls as he pounces upon T3. Reaching behind itself, T3 grabs the badger by the mane and hurls it across the room. Erich is slightly concussed.

T1 and T2 refuse to let up on Noname. This time, Noname is able to avoid T1’s club. T2 is still able to clip the weaving warrior. The stage clears and Kerric unleashes a Thundertusk Boar Strike against T1. The impact is so massive, that it blows T1 off its feet and backward 5 feet. Kerric nocks another arrow and sends it towards T2 <burn>. The arrow sails wide. Frustrated, Kerric tucks and rolls to a better vantage point. Summoning his elven resolve, he mates another arrow with the shaft. Staring down the shaft, Kerric takes careful aim; and in the span of seconds, a third arrow is released <elven>. This time, the arrow finds and imbeds itself in the creatures eye <critical>. The troll falls over, dead, as a cascade of its blood spurts upward. Avanta runs to the dead Troll and tries to pull it into fire before it resurrects.

“I can’t…too heavy.”
“Hmmmmph…” muses Noname, as he hefts the lifeless troll onto the fire.

Peleous casts a shared agony spell against the final troll. His first attempt misses. The spell is recast <burn>. Like Kerric, the Warlock’s focus is true as the creature is emblazoned with Eldritch Energy <crit>. The sizzling troll dies. Erich, still in badger form, finishes it off by running over to the burning palette, grabbing a flaming stick in its maw, and drops it onto the troll’s chest (Good Doggie!). T3 is engulfed in flames and is reduce to bones in minutes.

Seeing its brothers consumed by fire, T1 runs deeper into the tunnels. Breaking off pieces of the palette to serve as torches, we warily make our way deeper into the hole, weapons drawn, to search for the last troll. We give chase, cannot see the troll. We enter a cavern with several rooms and begin to inspect each one. Erich is able to find the trolls tracks, but it is apparent that T1 has apparently escaped through a back passage.

We search the rooms. Kerric notices that an “out of place” boulder. Using his Herculean strength, Noname moves the boulder to reveal a treasure trove. Inside, we find the plunder of the trolls. Further on we also find an arms storage. We rejoice at our good fortune and our impending wealth.

Trolls (3)

XP: 350 (70/ea)
- (QTY: 2) Gold Plated Helmets @ 3 GP
- (QTY: 2) Bejeweld bracelets @ 1 GP
- Necklace of rare stones @ 15 SP
- (QTY: 2) Matching Jewelry boxes (6” x 6” x 4”) @ 5 GP
- (QTY: 2) Potions of Healing
o Minor action: +10 HP
- Potion of Vitality
o Minor action: Burn surge for a total of +25 HP + saving throw
- +1 short sword
- +1 axe



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