The Roll'n 1's and 2's

The East Wing

Where goblins dare not tread.

Excavation Site

An intense debate concludes with a tenacious round of rock paper scissors. The party decides to head down the corridor and through the door to the east. The door creaks open and a flight of stone steps descends to the level below. As the party reaches the bottom of the stairs, they can see the room ahead of them open up. Shadows can be seen moving around in the flickering torchlight. Between the party and the room ahead of them lies another set of steps to the right. The stone steps are carved out of rock and descend into darkness. The rogue is shoved forward to scout ahead.

Peering around the corner into the chamber a curious sight is revealed. The goblins have obviously been busy at work because roughly half of the chamber has been excavated. The excavated area is ten feet below the level of the original floor leaving several plateaus around the room topped with the flagstone floor and connected by rickety wooden planks. The walls of each plateau and the floor are bare earth. In the northwest corner of the room is where the goblins have obviously piled up the excavated material. There are a couple of ladders leaning up against the plateaus and a ramp has been constructed leading from the hallway plateau down to the excavated area below.

Three dirty leather clad goblins are busy at work. With crossbows slung across their backs, they swing picks and haul loads of dirt back and forth while two guard drakes sit alertly nearby watching for signs of trouble. The goblins grumble among themselves something unintelligible. However, it doesn’t take a cunning linguist to tell that they don’t like their current duty.

With a flick of his wrist, the rogue hurls a shuriken at one of the goblins. The whirling blade narrowly misses the goblin and clinks off of the wall behind him. The goblin immediately looks up and focuses on the rogue, in one motion he raises the crossbow and fires, yelling out goblin vulgarities with hatred in his eyes. The drakes spring into action, one racing toward the ramp with the other running from the back of the room to join it. The goblin at the back of the room steps onto a wooden plank and carefully makes his way to the next plateau where he opens fire with his crossbow. The third goblin disappears out of site behind another plateau on the dirt floor below.

The rest of the party takes the cue and charges out of the shadows. Noname and Celekyth are greeted at the top of the ramp by an apparently irritable guard drake. The result is a flurry of gnashing teeth and flashing steel. Cirrel and Aquarian move out to the edge of the floor just before the drop off and unleash fire and brimstone. The rogue runs across a wooden plank to the next area of floor. Seeing trouble coming, the goblin quickly kicks the plank off the ledge and it clatters to the floor. With a curse regarding the goblin’s mother the rogue lets loose another shuriken.

The goblins respond with a barrage of crossbow bolts from the east side of the room. Meanwhile on the west side of the room the third goblin climbed up the ladder and promptly kicked the board off the ledge. He returns fire with his crossbow. The second guard drake joins the first and they push Noname and Celekyth back. Cirrel and Aquarian return fire to the goblin that shot at them. The goblin drops as his mind is assaulted while his body is simultaneously engulfed in flames. Watching his comrade go up in flames, a goblin drops his crossbow and jumps down behind the plateau. He draws his short sword and heads for the spell casters.

Gritting their teeth Noname and Celekyth push the drakes back down the ramp. With a mighty cleave the warrior brings his blade to bear on the shoulder of the drake nearly decapitating it. Moments later the warlord thrust his sword into the heart of the creature and it dies while still stuck on his blade. Without taking the time to clean off their blades, they jump to side of the spell casters. Seeing the goblin making his way towards them they jump down to greet him. Celekyth, with the grace of a swan, catches his foot on the ledge and falls to the dirt floor head first. The opportunistic goblin thrusts his sword into the side of the prone warlock.

Amidst the fury of battle, one of the goblins has unloaded a flurry of bolts at the heroes. The rogue jumps down to the dirt floor and heads for a ladder. Running up to the base of the plateau where the goblin is he slams the ladder into place. He ascends the ladder, and as he hears the top he comes face to face with the goblin. With a smirk he kicks the ladder backwards causing the ladder and the rogue with it to come crashing down to the floor. As he reaches for the ladder again a bolt lodges in his shoulder. He hefts the ladder again and sets it back into place. As he begins to climb the ladder again, he can hear the rest of the party shouting his name from behind him.

Spinning around he can see that the party has all they can handle with the goblin. The bloodied warlord is parrying blow after blow but is getting weary. Seizing the opportunity, the rogue sprints across the floor and lunges into the back of the goblin leading with the point of his dagger. The last thing the goblin saw was the point of a dagger sticking out of his chest. Then in one motion, the party turns and casts their gaze on the last goblin. All at once, the goblin is hit with a magic missile, a blast of eldritch energy, and a shuriken. The corpse was barely recognizable. After cleaning themselves up, they search the room and find little more than the goblins had. In the pockets of one of the goblins they find a metal symbol at the end of a chain. Brushing away the dirt, a silver symbol of the platinum dragon is revealed.



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