The Roll'n 1's and 2's

The Calm 'Ere the Storm

Don't Ask...Don't Tell...

First Adventure: – Monster: (1) Ghoul, (12) zombie minions, (2) zombies, (1) humonculous – Treasure: 180 XP, 175 GP – Synopsis: The stench of the room was wretched. The smell was so overpowering that it would have crippled the strongest of us; but, all of us saved before it impeded our ability to do battle. At first, the minions collapsed beneath our might. But, when faced with more challenging opponents, our abilities began to fail. Noname fumbled his attack and hit himself with his own sword. Xanteuch’s tactic was to lure the zombies into a killing zone. And, when the time was right to unleash his godly “pimp” hand and turn the undead, a skill for which he was born, he also fumbled. A humonculous gazed upon Kyeth and dazed him. Aquarion sent a scorching burst against the humonculous, hitting it. The burst may have also took out some unseen minions, but what it also did was to flush out a ghoul in hiding. The ghoul angrily rushed into the fray to wreak vengeance upon the wizard. Xanteuch was having problems hitting his enemies. Luckily, Noname was flourishing his blade and weeding down the minions. In addition, Aquarion also pitched in and was whittling away at our enemies with the splash damage from the scorching burst attacks. Kyeth did his part and served as a meat shield, but was simultaneously dazed, immobilized, and stunned due to combined attacks of the humoculous and ghoul. In fact, Kyeth had but wittled down to within 1 HP of death, but Xanteuch uttered healing words to keep him in battle. Cirrel and Kyeth, kept the ghoul at bay and were only moderately successful. The ghoul was very difficult to hit due to its 5th level experience and stats. And, the secondary effect of its hits kept our valiant warriors from fully using all their abilities. However, the tide of the battle began to turn when Cirrel burned a well timed action point to unload a one-two punch with an eldritch blast followed by Witchfure. Finally, Xanteuch was able to dispatch his foe, and, turning against the ghoul, used the never before seen Daunting Light prayer which finally put the ghoul away. The humonculous, sensing defeat, flew away. This spineless action earned the creature the nickname, “Homo-culous”

Second Adventure: – Monster: (2) Undead Corruption Corpses, (1) Gelatinous Cube – Treasure: 150 XP, Safewing Amulet +1, 450 GP [Brush (5 GP), Medallion (250 GP), Bracelet (200 GP)] – Synopsis: We approached a sign that read “Closed”. Upon entering, we noticed a polished, ultraclean floor. We suspected a Gelatinous Cube. Aquarion ignited a sunrod and danced it down the aisles. We came into a room with four sarcopahgi. The strongest of us attempted to open the tombs, but failed. Aquarion, however, summoning the strength in his spindly arms, was able to loose the stone (Needed a 19…rolled a 19. [“Well, we loosened it for him!]). Nothing in sarcophagus. Opened the door on the other side of room. That triggered two undead corruption corpses to emerge from the tombs. Their stench was so putrid that to engage them within 5 feet altered our ability to fight (- 5 to hit). Aquarion and Cirrel took cover in corridor to gain ranged advantage over corpses, and to also gain advantage from being under cover. However, Aquarion is surprised and runs into a Gelatinous cube (that had been hiding). Aquarion is absorbed but is able to teleport out . Cirrel is immobilized by cube’s slam, but casts a (XXXX) spell that both immobilized the cube and allows her to teleport out. Cirrel and Kyeth attempt to destroy corpses, but both fumble. Kyeth finally connects and destroys first corpse, which explodes as its final death knell. Xanteuch continues to miss his mark. The cube attacks Xan and immobilizes him. In the next round, Xanteuch is absorbed. Noname kills second corpse, and takes minimal explosion damage. Xanteuch escapes cube, but is slammed upon his attempt to gain distance from cube. He is again absorbed. Xan dies, and is beginning to dissolve within cube, and has only minutes left (two rounds). The cube is beyond bloodied and can be felled with one swift blow from Noname’s brute strike (3d8 damage). Noname focuses and the party has lent him whatever adavantage they could bestow (+13 to hit AC15…he needs only a 5). Noname attempts brute strike but misses horribly, nearly fumbling in the process. (he rolled a 2). The party continues to attack cube, but either missing or doing little damage. Aquarion tries to extract Xan, and fails. Noname tries with brute once again…and again misses! The cube is faltering and the next blow could potentially destroy it (only 5 HP left). The cube makes a grave error and attacks Kyeth, thereby encouraging an opportunity attack from Noname. The attack fails again! The fate of the dwarf falls to the skill of one man…Kyeth. Tired from battle, Kyeth knows that he must prevail or all is lost (he needs a 10 to hit). In an epic face off of man versus monster, the Warlord swings his mighty sword…and barely connects (he rolls an 11). The damage done is barely enough to destroy the creature (damage was 6…cube had 5). The group felt sorry for the little guy and gave him the Safewing Amulet +1. Xan took his Amulet of Mental Resolve and gave it to Noname.

Third Adventure: – Monsters: (2) Orcus Berserkers, (1) Underpriest of Orcus, (5) Vampires, (1) Dark Creeper – Treasure: 195 XP, 0 GP – Synopsis: Berserkers charge. Kyeth and Xanteuch engage, followed by Aquarion and Cirrel. Noname holds back (lowest initiative roll). Initially, berserkers take moderate damage, and one gets immediately bloodied. However, our fatigue takes its toll and we begin to miss and take huge damage from berserkers’ waraxes. Meanwhile, Xan notices vampires and other “creature” skittering around towards flank. Call out to Noname to protect rear. Noname readies a cleave action, but misses when door flies open. Noname continues to miss and is surrounded by three vampires and one Dark Creeper. Xan, Kyeth, and Noname are all bloodied and are barely kept alive by Xan’s and Kyeth’s healing. Priest makes his way towards the fray, succeeding in healing the berserkers with his shadow spells. Kyeth dies. [Normally, his death would spell doom for any adventure, but Kyeth’s deaths have somehow become clarion calls to arms for our party. An ancient tome once spewed, “Mayhap, tis all delight and revelry, till a brother takes it in the eye.” In our case, however, “The quest has no meaning lest Kyeth perishes at least once!”] Noname dispatches one of his attackers (minion AC 20). Cirrel and Aquarion pitch in and dispatch the other two. Xan resurrects Kyeth, and they eventually dispatched both berserkers with Aqurion’s help. Cirrel and Noname flank dark creeper. Creeper gets taken out by Cirrel. Priest is facing off against Kyeth, Xan, and Aquarion. Kyeth bullrushes wih the intention of sending the priest over the edge and into a pit. Kyeth, fumbles his charge and slips and falls in front of the priest. Kyeth must have been an altar boy back in the day, for when the dust cleared from his failed charge, the party notices Kyeth suggestively kneeling in front of the priest. His mouth agape, and his head propped up like in T-Ball, we could only assume what unholy deeds were about to befall upon our Warlord. Aquarion, coming off his high in having bested his stronger companions in moving the immovable sarcophagi , attempts to bullrush the priest. Swinging his spindly arms like a child running with reckless abandon (Stength modifier -1), Aquarion charges the priest. Unbeknownst to the group, the priest, in a fit of hilarity, at seeing this crazed banshee rushing him (think “slimer” from Ghostbusters), and knowing that there is no possible way that this “Fey” warrior could move him, inadvertently slips upon the blood of his fallen berserkers and is pushed into the pit by Aquarion’s Fey-ish caress. (The action required a 17. Aquarion rolls a 16. With his -1 to Strength, but +2 from the charge, it was just enough). The priest falls over and is bloodied upon impact. Kyeth picks up fallen berserker to throw him over. Aquarion ignites sunrod and sends it into pit. Humonculous from 1st adventure flies up and attempts to bite Aquarion. Much to the surprise of the party, Aquarion’s he reveals a latent “Homon”-phobia, despite his Fey origin. In a bout of sheer overkill akin to monster-biased hate crimes, Aquaion unloads with an acid arrow upon the raptor. The raptor is dissolved in a shriek and the spray rains down upon the priest, who was climbing up the chain in the pit. The acid drips upon his face. The excruciating pain causes him to let go of the chain and fall to his death. Wiping his hands in a self congratualtory manner, Aquarion exclaims, “those little fairies piss me off.”



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