The Roll'n 1's and 2's

All Roads Lead to the Keep

Keep 1

A Preponderance of Evidence

A talisman of Orcus, a letter from someone named Kalarel, agents of orcus digging up a dragon skeleton, it is now too much to ignore. The evidence of cult activity, specifically Orcus cult activity, is now undeniable. The group heads back to town and presents this evidence to Valthrun. When faced with this evidence his face turns an ashen grey. Valthrun then reveals that he knew more about the keep north of the town than he shared before. He recants the tale of the Keep on the Shadowfell. He tells of keep that was built upon a tear in the barrier between this world and the Shadowfell. The evil of Orcus permeated the keep and eventually began to corrupt its inhabitants. The sworn defender of the keep, Sir Keegan, went mad, took the life of his family, his men, and eventually took his own life. The keep has crumbled into ruin since then. The evidence suggests that a cult of Orcus has descended into the keep in an attempt to open the rift. They intend to loose the agents Orcus upon the world. Lord Padraig comes to the heroes and begs for them to keep this from happening. They cannot turn down his request -because otherwise the DM will smite them -to put themselves between innocent villagers and unspeakable evil. A day’s travel brings them into the shadow of the keep. The crumbling ruin sits atop a hill at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains. As the party drew closer to the keep, the sounds of the forest faded away. The ground surrounding the keep is dry and barren, as trees and grass cannot grow in the soil. The only signs of life are the occasional scurry of insects and goblin tracks leading into the keep. A stone is rolled away from a passage way leading down a flight of steps down into the keep.

Entering the Keep

The group stays at the top of the stairs as the rogue descends down to have a look around. As he reaches the bottom he can make out the details of the keep. The walls are carved of smooth stone and the floor is made of large square flag stones. The stairs give way to a square room that acts like a central hall. There are four stone pillars and a passage way leading off in three separate directions. A figure is spotted leaning up against the wall in the southern passage, a goblin. Dressed in filthy rags and smelling like it had never bathed, the goblin warrior stood guard in leather armor and carrying a spear at his side. The rogue holds his breath and flattens himself against the wall to keep from being seen. The goblin appears to be distracted with his own thoughts. The rogue motions to the warlock, Cirrel to quietly come to the bottom of the steps. Without being noticed, the rogue reaches for a shirken and Cirrel’s hands start to crackle with eldritch energy. The goblin is struck simultaneously by both the shirken and the eldritch blast, killing him instantly. The rest of the party makes their way down the steps as the rogue strides across the floor towards the southern hallway. With a loud crack the floor beneath the rogue gives way. He falls to the bottom of a ten foot deep pit hidden in the center of the room. As he starts to clear the cobwebs from his head and regain his footing, he realized that is has fallen into a swarm of rats as they begin to scratch and gnaw at his skin. He scrambles up the wall of the pit, the whole while screeching like a little girl reaching up for help. No sooner had the party pulled him out of the pit; they could hear the sound of footsteps coming down the hall from the south. The goblin strode up the hallway carrying a crossbow and ready to yell at his compatriot. Expecting to find a goblin screwing off, he was shocked to find a fully armed party of adventures staring at him the way a fraternity looks at a drunk girl on spring break. Unleashing a torrent of pain, the party quickly sent the goblin running back down the hall to the southern chamber. The flicker of torchlight showed the goblin using the corner of the wall for cover and sticking his head out only long enough to get off a shot with his crossbow. Behind him loud banging could be heard as the other goblin sharpshooter turned over the beds to use them as superior cover to fire from. Preoccupied with the goblin sharpshooters, the party almost doesn’t notice the goblin warrior charging at them from the eastern corridor. Waiting for the party to be distracted, he attempted to shove Noname into the rat pit. He may as well have tried to push over the Colossus of Rhodes. Shoving him back, Noname proceeds to introduce the goblin to the business end of his blade. With the goblin sharpshooters pinned down and goblin warrior no longer a threat, Noname and Dirk advanced on the goblins. Cirrel and Aquarian remained in the main hall to guard against a rear attack not that Cirrel would mind that. The elven ranger kept the goblins pinned down with a cascade of arrows as Noname and Dirk closed in. Dirk circled around the overturned beds while Noname tosses one aside. One of the goblins is quickly cut down, but the other is more interested in self preservation. He makes a break for it and runs past the paladin and the ranger. Cirrel and Aquarian turn around just in time to see the goblin make a break down the Western corridor. Aquarian promptly roasts him with a burst of flames while Cirrel let fly a bolt of eldritch energy. Just as the goblin begins to turn the corner he is caught square by the eldritch blast and his corpse bounces off the stone corner and slumps to the floor. Gathering their breath and their wits, our heroes realize that they now have a decision to make.



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